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[Ambika] Watch Thor The Dark World Online Full Movie Divx 2013

click here >>> There are too many superhero movies! Hollywood is infantilising audiences! These days directors care more about action figurines than real characters! While teenagers and young adults continue to inject windfalls of cash into the film industry — literally buying bucket loads of popcorn and snacks and investing heavily in ancillary markets such as VOD, DVD and video games — the argument continues that Tinseltown is pumping out way too many salt-burn superhero pics that are way too similar. Before we go further, let’s clarify two things. First: that argument is more or less right. Second: it’s almost always made by people outside the genre’s target demographic. In addition to the intended audience and those who would never step foot into Thor 2: The Dark Age unless their glasses fogged up and they accidentally veered into the wrong cinema to discover Captain Phillips has a massive magical mallet and Tom Hanks sure looks good for his age, there are two other primary audiences.

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