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[Ambika] Watch About Time Online Full Movie Divx 2013

click here >> Coming from the creator of Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill, you might understandably expect About Time to be a romantic comedy. After all, it is fronted by Rachel McAdams and Anna Karenina's Domhnall Gleeson. Don't be fooled. This is not a movie about romance. It's about a far more encompassing idea of love, embracing lovers, friends, and family in a way that makes About Time a rich and wonderful narrative. If you could relive moments of your life until you get them just as you want, what would you do? "For me, it was always going to be all about love," says young Tim (Gleeson), the eager but naïve romantic at the center of Curtis's latest dramedy. On his 21st birthday, Tim's loving father (the deeply charming Bill Nighy) tells him of the incredible inheritance to which he is now entitled. It's not money, but rather the Y-chromosome imprinted ability to travel back within his own lifetime.

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