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(Aagha) The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1 Watch Online Free

click here >>> It just seemed odd for his character to do, even if it was supposed to be a cool moment where he miraculously appeared and survived afterward. And I like that having Bob along for the ride didn’t mean that he was the obvious one to become walker food. I still have my suspicions about him, but I liked his short bonding moment with Tyreese while digging the graves and trying to wait for Tyreese after the zombies swarmed the car. I’d really like to see Bob’s character last and not have a few episodes later where we learn about his past and then he’s quickly killed. She’s no longer that timid wife from The Walking Dead Season 1. She’s so much more hardened from her experiences. Lest we forget, she lost her daughter Sophia. She’s so intent on surviving and protecting the ones she cares about that killing a few for the greater good is worth it to her. Sure, she’s not a robot about it all. Carol feels guilt and perhaps regret, especially after Tyreese asked her to watch over his sister.

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