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(Anagha) Haven Season 4 Episode 8 Watch Online Free

Click here >> Haven" season 4 continues this week with episode 8, "Crush," and on Tuesday, Oct. 29, Syfy released promotional photos teasing the latest trouble to hit the town. The latest "Haven" episode ended with Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) finally giving in to their feelings, but there were two certain people watching her apartment from the woods—and it looked like they were the ones responsible for the last trouble getting out of hand. So what will they do next? Plus, Duke (Eric Balfour) had to kill his brother, Wade (Christian Camargo) to save Jennifer (Emma Lahana), and he's determined to keep that a secret. This next episode is going to see the pressure on when a deadly deep sea trouble threatens to crus the entire town and everything Audrey and Nathan think they know bout the Troubles. The "Crush" promo to the left shows that the trouble they're dealing with is being able to crush things from a distance.

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