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(Anagha) Dracula Episode 2 Watch Online Free

Click here >> During its short life so far, NBC’s splendid fairy tale action-adventure “Grimm” — one of the network’s few nonfootball successes — has been stranded on Friday nights. For company, the network has given it a motley crew of “Dateline,” a few disposable reality shows and the last months of “Chuck. “Grimm” returns this week for its third season, and this time it has a legitimate partner, the new vampire drama “Dracula.” Unfortunately, “Dracula,” despite some nice costumes and the glowering presence of the Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, is a mostly drab affair. NBC’s attempt to double the chills on Friday night isn’t working. Created by the writer Cole Haddon (the comic “The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde”) and produced in association with Sky Living, which will show it in Britain, “Dracula” takes a novel approach to the modern vampire story. Instead of being about.

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