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The Secrets to a Successful Social Campaign

How can you bring your social strategy to the next level to drive campaign success? Join Melissa Wallace, VP of Marketing at Bitly, for a Q&A with JP Lespinasse, Senior Director of Social Marketing at BET, about how he maximized social to drive branding, engagement and tune-in goals for the BET Hip Hop Awards 2014. Watch Now

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Bitly is the trusted resource for brands looking to own, understand and activate their audiences.

"Bitly Brand Tools is integral to our daily work at BET. It allows us to gauge traffic to our digital properties in real-time and serve up the best content possible to our audience through our social media platforms."

JP Lespinasse
Senior Director of Social Media, BET

"Branding is extremely important to us. Having our own Branded Short Domain through Bitly Brand Tools helps us keep our brand at the forefront of all our social sharing efforts."

Bita Ehsanipour
Social Media Manager, Men's Wearhouse
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