The power of the link.

The Bitly iPhone app is a free app that gives you the best of Bitly at your fingertips. Take your mobile sharing to the next level with
Bitly, the power of the link.

Explore more features below:

Create and Share

Creating and sharing Bitlinks has never been easier. Automatically shorten any long URL in your clipboard or use the bookmarklet tool for Safari and Chrome to save straight to your Bitly account. Share your Bitlinks to your Facebook and Twitter profiles, through email and through text messages in one easy step.


Understand how your Bitlinks are performing across the web. Track your clicks over time, see how your Bitlink compares to other Bitlinks, learn where geographically your Bitlinks are popular, and even see other users that created a Bitlinks to this same piece of content.


Discover new content in real time. See the most popular Bitlinks on Bitly at any given time, enter your own search terms to find content that is trending and connect your Facebook and Twitter profiles to see what your friends and followers are saving and sharing.


Bitly Enterprise customers have greater insights into their Bitlinks than ever before. Manage your team from your mobile device through your sub-account leaderboard. See your total click and share counts for all tracking domains, your top Bitlinks by clicks and your most frequently shared.