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Warning: This URL has been flagged by Bitly's systems as potentially harmful.

We recommend you close your browser window and notify the person who sent you the link.

Why was this link flagged?

Bitly displays this warning when a link has been flagged as suspect. There are many reasons why a link may be flagged:

  • The link may be listed on a website blocklisting service.
  • The link may have been reported to Bitly by a member of the public.
  • The link may contain malware (software designed to harm your computer), attempt to collect your personal information for nefarious purposes, or otherwise contain harmful and/or illegal content.
  • The link may be attempting to hide the final destination.
  • The link may lead to a forgery of another website or may infringe the rights of others.

If you believe this link has been flagged in error, please contact Bitly via this form.