[EBOOK] 7 Ways Brands Use Bitly Campaigns

Wherever there’s a link, there’s an opportunity to gain insight into the customer journey.

That’s why thousands of marketers use Bitly every day to track engagement across product pages, content, social campaigns, and more.

But that journey is complicated. Marketers are looking at a lot of different channels and tracking metrics across a variety of analytics tools and platforms. So what happens? You get spreadsheets and silos. Different teams have different data about the same customer, but they may never actually share that information to put together the complete customer experience.

That’s why we came up with Bitly Campaigns. We realized that brands were using links to manage complex, multi-channel campaigns with a lot of moving pieces. A feature of Bitly Enterprise, Bitly Campaigns simplifies that workflow with the power of the link.

As long as you create a trackable Bitlink in all of your channels, you can view the performance of everything from email and social to text messages and influencer marketing in one place. You can monitor your investment across channels – and where customers are most engaged – in real-time.

Want to learn more about how brands are using Bitly Campaigns?

Download our eBook, “7 Ways Brands Use Bitly Campaigns,” to learn:

– How companies are building Campaigns for regions, product lines, and multiple channels

– How to create Bitly Campaigns that track mobile performance

– 7 different use cases for Bitly Campaigns


Learn 7 different ways brands are using Bitly Campaigns to manage complex, multi-channel marketing initiatives.

Blaise Lucey @BlaiseLucey00
Director of Product & Content Marketing