Bitly User Spotlight: Brady Dyer

This week we sat down to chat with New Zealand based photographer, Brady Dyer, who uses Bitly regularly on Twitter and email.




Browsing through Dyer’s work, we were able to vicariously live through his adventures that have taken him through a variety of restaurants, concerts and weddings.

Here are some neat ways Brady has been using Bitlinks to track performance and optimize his work:

Tracking Email Engagement


Brady uses Bitlinks as a way to track how prospects and clients engage with his work.

I include this link ( every time I email clients with their photos. It’s a video explaining how to access your photos,” Brady says. This is a handy way he can see if clients are engaging with the email and if the video is helpful.

A Business Card That Won’t Get Lost

Since Brady travels often, he rarely carries business cards with him but often meets individuals or brands that he might want to work with. His solution? He created a virtual business card using his Branded Domain:

I type on their phone so that it will load straight there and automatically add all my contact information without having to copy and paste,” Brady says. “Once, I attended this global tourism opportunity conference and met the Prime Minister of New Zealand. I wrote a unique link to my website on a card and was exciting to see he actually visited it.”

Out Of The Box Experiments

Brady recently worked on a private real estate project. To track whether pedestrians saw and engaged with the ‘For Sale’ sign they put up outside the house, he printed a Bitlink at the bottom of the sign. But then he also went one step further to test whether a QR code or a regular Bitlink would be most effective at getting people to learn more.

“We designed a ‘For Sale’ sign outside of the house and added a QR code and a Bitly link below to see how many people on the street walked by and either scanned the QR code or clicked the Bitlink,” Brady explains.

At the end of the experiment, Brady saw that the regular Bitlink generated more clicks. “The Bitlink was easier because most people already have browsers open on their phones. It’s just easier to type a short link than open an app to scan a QR code,” Brady says.

Bitly For Good


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.05.59 AM

For brands who find that they want to brand a link but don’t have the need for a dedicated domain, they can try using a custom back half. When Brady helped organize a charity event, the Jackson Show Fashion Show, the event was too short to justify buying a whole new domain, but they still wanted to keep things branded. As an alternative, Brady hosted a landing page his personal domain and used his Bitly account to customize the back half of the link.

“Rather than buying a whole domain for the small event, we just made a short [custom] url:”



Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.08.25 AM

Since wedding photography is a competitive business, branding can go a long way. Brady uses his Bitly Branded Domain anytime he shares a website that is not his own, like a YouTube video or a Facebook post. Instead of the generic, all of his links start with “”.“It looks more professional,” Brady explains. “Adding the word “wedding” in Bitly links is good too! Like this:”

Brady shares that he uses Bitly’s Chrome extension to quickly add in a custom backhalf on his links, so that each share on Twitter or other social channels is also an opportunity to build awareness for his work.

Growth hacking

Another clever way Brady cuts through the noise is by reaching out to organizers, brands or subjects that he photographs or films with a Bitlink to his work. “I do this on a weekly basis,” Brady shares. “I use custom URLs if I share a link through a comment. At a recent concert in Wellington, I commented on a popular band, Six60, with a link ( to this vlog I made while filming them from the media pit. It was a much cleaner link than posting the full YouTube link.”

Brady was able to see that while the video was watched a total of 877 times, 238 clicks came from this one comment he left on Facebook.

To check out more of Brady’s work and how he uses Bitly to power his conversations with his clients, follow him on Twitter or hop on over to his website.

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