[VIDEO] How Cox Media Group Uses Bitly for 70+ Brands

Cox Media Group (CMG) is a leading publishing company that is comprised of broadcast television stations, radio stations, newspapers, and digital publications.  

There are always a lot of moving pieces, both online and off, and it’s up to Social Data Analyst & Manager Apryl Pilolli to figure out where viewers, readers, and web visitors are coming from and where they’re engaging.

Bitly Enterprise is a crucial piece for Pilolli’s team when they want to monitor which channel or piece of content sees the most engagement. This gives them the intelligence they need to know what their audience wants next.

“We have 70+ brands on the tool and we have at least seven use cases for it,” Pilolli says. “[Bitly Enterprise] really helps us understand what brings people back to our site.”

Learn more about how Pilolli and the CMG team use Bitly Enterprise in the video below:

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Blaise Lucey @BlaiseLucey00
Director of Product & Content Marketing