One WiFi: Leveraging Redirects to Gather Deeper Data

The world wide web is exactly that—a web of connections between people, companies, information and technology.

Our customer One WiFi has built its business on leveraging that connectivity.

The company, which manages the free WiFi that organizations provide to customers in places like lobbies and restaurants, needed a simple solution to help them redirect their clients’ URLs on the fly.

So, they turned to Bitly.

Using Bitly to Provide Clients Valuable Insights

With Bitly, One WiFi can rest assured that they can successfully manage changes to their clients’ content, track those changes and analyze their impact in order to provide better data and insights on the way customers were engaging with their clients’ content. 

Plus, they knew that, with Bitly’s help, they could do all this while maintaining the highest level of service for their customers.

Read the Full Case Study

Find out how One WiFi leverages Bitly to:

– Manage the destination URLs for multiple clients, saving time and money
–  Gather deeper data for their clients so they can determine what content is driving engagement

Interested in learning more? Read the full customer story.

Case Study: One WiFi

Learn how One WiFi uses Bitly to show its clients the ROI on their SMS communications.

Tiffany Fowell @Bitly