Unleash the power of Custom Bitlinks

We have recently rolled out some changes to Custom Bitlinks, which allow you to customize the back-half of your Bitlinks to extend your branding, tailor your messaging and increase engagement. We understand how valuable this feature is to our users, so we’ve redesigned this feature to make it even easier to create and share Custom Bitlinks.

Since rolling out the change, we’ve seen a 70% increase in the number of Custom Bitlinks created and a significant increase in the number of Custom Bitlinks being created per Bitly account.

Learn how to take advantage of this feature to start creating your own Custom Bitlinks! 

Custom Bitlinks

We’ve had customers and free users capitalize on the ability to customize their Bitlinks to announce deals, incentivize their links with calls-to-action and educate their audience about the content behind the Bitlink. If you’re a Bitly Brand Tools customer, you have your own unique namespace. This means you can use any word to create your Custom Bitlinks.

When you pair Custom Bitlinks with your Branded Short Domain, you have an unlimited number of branded link options for shortening and sharing. With Bitly Brand Tools, Custom Bitlinks are completely customizable: you can redirect your Bitlink to a new long URL or change the keyword associated with your Bitlink. Paired together, these powerful tools allow companies to extend their branding to the entire shortlink.

As a company that is committed to helping everyone unleash the power of the link, we will continue to unveil new product updates dedicated to improving Bitly for all our users. Stay tuned!

Interested in learning more about Branded Short Domains, Custom Bitlinks and Bitly Brand Tools? Click here to learn more.

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