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(Anagha) The Millers Episode 5 Watch Online Free

Click here >> http://bit.ly/HoZ4R0 I've had a change of heart about CBS's latest sitcom, The Millers. I still don't like it -- not even a little. I still think the pilot is broad and dumb. But the revamped pilot, while doing a bit of recasting and some fine tuning, was better, by fractions, than the original pilot, even though series creator Greg Garcia didn't take out the fart jokes that star Margo Martindale has to utter -- more than once. It's this: I really like all the major players in the cast (particularly Will Arnett). Some of them have done work that ranks among the most hilarious or entertaining I've ever seen (particularly Martindale and Arnett). My biggest gripe about The Millers was that I thought it was an egregious waste of talent. The cynical part of me (and no, I'm not all parts cynicism) suspected that those involved just wanted to make an old school multi-camera sitcom -- but most importantly make it for CBS, which would allow it to become an enormous hit and watched by millions.

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