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click here >> Bundled against chilly 60-degree temperatures, nurses dressed in scrubs and armed with glow sticks gathered Tuesday evening in front of MountainView Hospital to hold a candlelight vigil over hospital staffing concerns. Organized in part by Nevada’s section of the National Nurses Organizing Committee, the vigil was part of an effort to encourage hospital officials to take action on what some nurses believe are conditions not conducive to the best patient recovery. Sharon Quantz has been a nurse for 41 years and has worked at MountainView Hospital for the past seven of them. “It’s been understaffed intermittently, but we’ve really been fighting for it for about two years,” she said. Quantz said that nurses at the hospital have been subjected to high patient-to-staff ratios — being assigned six to eight patients at a time to care for, which National Nurses United, a union of more than 185,000 members nationwide, thinks is too much.

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