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[Ambika] Watch Mr. Nobody Online Full Movie Divx 2013

Watch here >>> We're sure when writer/director Jaco Van Dormael first came up with the premise for "Mr. Nobody," his first film since 1996's "The Eighth Day," it seemed like a fresh and original idea. Certainly we were intrigued back in 2009 by the time-spanning tale about a man who wakes up in the year 2092 to find himself 120 years old, the oldest man in the world and the last mortal in a world where nobody dies. But, unfortunately, a number of other films have come along in the interim of the long-delayed film—"The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button," "The Fountain," "Inception,""Cloud Atlas"—that have also flirted with the territory of time, memory, fate, destiny, and love. To be certain, even if those films never existed, it wouldn't make the achingly juvenile "Mr. Nobody" any better, but the fact that they do only makes the flaws in Dormael's film stand out even more.

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