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WATCH ONLINE HERE::-- WATCH ONLINE HERE::-- WATCH ONLINE HERE::-- WATCH ONLINE HERE::-- It's about as if the role of Katniss Everdeen, the sad-eyed but barbarous charlatan of the acknowledged alternation The Hunger Games, was accounting especially for Jennifer Lawrence.With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (**1/2 out of four; rated PG-13, aperture Thursday in baddest theaters and Friday nationwide), Lawrence has acquired apparently in the role of the more alienated Katniss. The Oscar-winning extra can agilely cull off the admirable fashion-show moments in this affected drama, as able-bodied as the ample activity exploits and affecting shadings appropriate of her bent character. Whether on the aerodrome or cutting an arrow, Lawrence is effectively convincing. Based on the books by Suzanne Collins, this additional in the alternation follows Katniss afterwards she has alternate home from acceptable the fight-to-the-death competition, forth with her accomplice Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson). (It's a austere bold of arduous survival, pitting pairs from anniversary of 12 afflicted districts.) Katniss and Peeta accept been amply rewarded, their bleak, poverty-stricken lives replaced with concrete comforts, address of the absolute administration they reside under. But there is depression brewing. Tonight and all throughout the weekend, millions of admirers will angle in curve so they can be a part of the aboriginal to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the additional cine in The Hunger Games franchise. They will yield their seats, the lights will dim, and no one will be cutting 3-D glasses. All of the box appointment analysts Speakeasy batten to said that they apprehend Catching Fire to appear up abbreviate of The Avengers best aperture weekend box appointment almanac of $207.4 million. But The Avengers was in 3-D (such movies allegation a exceptional for seats). Every analyst Speakeasy consulted said that they apprehend Catching Fire to be the better 2-D cine of all time. The accepted 2-D champ is The Dark Knight Rises, which pulled in $160.8 actor its aperture weekend in 2012.

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