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. CLICK HERE TO WATCH ----->>>>> http://bit.ly/1hW1vs7 . CLICK HERE TO WATCH ----->>>>> http://bit.ly/1hW1vs7 . Watch Don Jon Online In an era when romantic comedies have become a cussing arena for anyone whose tolerance for the genre is proportionate to tantrum-inducing levels, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the indie-kid-turned-Hollywood-lovechild, attempts at reviving the genre with this occasionally middling yet deliciously outspoken Don Jon. His brand of comedy is refreshing, knowing that the genre has degraded from the Golden Age screwball down to the junkyard littered with recycled, atrociously scribbled pieces of crap targeted at mush-brained, popcorn munching audience. Like Steve McQueen’s Shame, only without the puffing seriousness, Don Jon features a douchebag obsessed not with good old fornication but rather modern technology’s paramount invention.

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