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HD21-Watch Thor 2 : The Dark World HD Online + Download HQ

HD21-Watch Thor 2 : The Dark World HD Online + Download HQ Click Here To Watch ==>>> http://bit.ly/Hznw1K Download Here ==>>>> http://bit.ly/Hznw1K Click Here To Watch ==>>> http://bit.ly/Hznw1K Download Here ==>>>> http://bit.ly/Hznw1K The occasional charms of "Thor 2" area unit all concerning the method khat Dennings (back once more as Jane's intern) deadpans her method through another Armageddon, or Hopkins' gorgeous final-t consonant articulation once he bites off the tip of the word "birthright." Or Hiddleston's malevolent grin, the mocking face of sib competition. many fine actors do what they will here amid the digital mayhem and smashed columns. now and then the film seems to possess been directed by The Hulk, in a snit. The first Norse deity was directed by Kenneth Branagh with a chic vim that created the lighting tricks right away humorous and spectacular. Alan Taylor, United Nations agency directed this sequel, could be a status veteran of the little screen (Mad Men, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones), however he brings very little of that avid storytelling tightness to The Dark World. The new film sprawls, usually with a lot of spirit than reason. And tho' its pictures are often exciting (the Oz-like palace of mythical place, airships that glide like daggers), the battles have a videogame medieval dazzle that briefly heightens the senses, then leaves you numb. Hemsworth's Norse deity is all over again a charismatically quick and daring stud-Viking somebody, however currently that he is totally on his home planet (with occasional forays all the way down to London), he somehow appears less super. only if Tom Hiddleston is on screen, as Thor's dark-souled half-brother, Loki, will any real drama take hold. Loki has been jailed for his treachery, however it seems that Norse deity wants his facilitate to defeat the Dark Elves. will he trust Loki to not betray him? Hiddleston, with pleading eyes and a mad-dog grin, plays Loki as a wounded mental case who's cackling at the planet however agitated on the within. that causes you to understand he is almost the sole character within the moving-picture show United Nations agency has an internal.

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