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(COHNJENA) WWE Monday Night RAW 01/06/2014

(COHNJENA) WWE Monday Night RAW 01/06/2014 WWE Monday Night RAW Baltimore 6th Jan 2014 Watch Here > Watch Here > Watch Here > Watch Here > Ricardo Rodriguez hits the ramp to introduce the WHC, Alberto Del city. The Champion makes his approach into the ring and tells Show to try to to one thing concerning it if he features a downside. however concerning Show gets his replay tonight? the gang chants *Si*, however Show says no. He claims to not be ready for the match tonight. Rio tells Show to grow some balls. Show says that he isn’t going to fight Rio until he is ready. He believes that the right place for that match will be at the Royal Rumble PPV. city refers to point out as a “fat jackass”. economist picks up a bucket and Show warns him not to throw water on him. economist tosses it and it contains paper. Show responds by trying to attack Ricardo, however Del Rio clears him out of the ring. Orton jumps on Wade with a Thesz press. Wade rolls out of the ring and Orton follows once. He bounces Wade’s take off the commentators’ table and so drops him onto the barricade before rolling him back to the ring. Orton tries for a canopy, however Wade kicks out. Orton tosses him out of the ring as we have a tendency to head to industrial. Back from the break, Wade is up to speed of the match. He has Orton grounded with a rear headlock. Orton escapes and kicks Wade within the gut, however gets hit with a come back kick as Wade tries as a canopy. Orton kicks out. Orton fights his way back and connects with a suspended DDT. Orton falls to the mat and starts to pound. Wade counters by agitated Orton into the turnbuckle. Wade is searching for the bull hammer punch. This match is over. Booker T is in the back with Eve and Teddy Long. booking agent stipulates that if Eve gets counted out tonight she's going to lose the Championship. She tries to flirt her reply of it, however booking agent laughs it off. # We move a video of Daniel Bryan and Kane. They ar talking before meeting with Dr. Shelby. He walks into the shot and that they begrudgingly go at the side of his requests. Sandow & Rhodes enter the shot and complicate matters

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