Bitly Brand Tools Campaigns



Save time by creating links with unique tracking for all your campaign channels. Without Excel.

Build, Measure, and Manage Omnichannel Campaigns 
Save time building multiple campaign links through one streamlined workflow.

Understand and Optimize Performance
Optimize campaign performance in real-time by understanding which content is trending by channel.

Export the Data
Export data to share results or integrate key Bitly insights in your own analytics reports.

“We have a lot of partner and offline marketing campaigns that are traditionally difficult to measure. The Bitly platform has helped us track our promotions across social channels, banner ads, email campaigns, and even offline placements. By using Bitlinks for our marketing efforts, we have one central place where we can see which channels are most effective and optimize our strategy accordingly.”

jason_headshotJason Rosoff, Manager of Partner Marketing & Distribution, Comedy Central

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