Calculating Social ROI using Bitly

How Bitly can help you track, analyze and report on social media’s impact 

Most social pros track impressions, engagements and shares to gauge their channels’ performance. The best social pros know those metrics are never enough to prove social’s impact on the bottom line, a challenge that half of surveyed CMOs identified as a weakness. Each social platform provides its own proprietary —often inaccurate— metrics, making it even harder to compare apples to apples engagement and make decisions about where to invest your budget.

That’s where the link comes in. A click is a click whether it comes from Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Instead of trying to compare likes to retweets to views, you can use Bitly to understand how every single piece of content, channel and campaign is adding value. Did that video really lead people back to your site? Are your influencer marketing tactics yielding higher engagement? Are you underestimating one channel’s impact and overestimating another’s?

If you’ve been using Bitly primarily to shorten, brand and measure individual links, this quick workshop will make you a master at analyzing and reporting social ROI at a higher level.
Join us on Tuesday, February 6 at 12:30PM EST to learn:

  • The biggest challenges in social media measurement and how links can help
  • How Bitly can integrate with the tracking tools and tactics you already use
  • How to build a metrics report with Bitly to show social’s impact on conversions
  • How leading brands’ social teams measure success and drive strategy through Bitly
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