Enterprise Social Media: Tools, Tips, Strateges

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Enterprise social teams have a lot of moving pieces. There are different regions, brands, channels, functions, and audiences to consider every time you start planning out a social strategy for the company. Who reports to who? How do you track performance when there are so many different people and silos involved? And how do you coordinate a campaign so it goes off without a hitch?

Only by bringing the team together – and tracking progress in one centralized place – can you ever get full visibility into how social media is performing for the business.

In this webinar on Thursday, April 28 @ 2pm EST,  we’ve teamed up with our friends from Sprout Social to take you through the steps you need to fully structure a social media team and track results.

In “Enterprise Social Media: Tools, Metrics & Strategies,” you’ll learn:

  • The Critical Metrics for Social Enterprise Teams
  • The Breakdown & Channels of Your Typical Social Team
  • How to Optimize Content Per Channel
  • How to Build a Central Place for All Those Metrics

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