Save up to 33% when you pay annually

Pay annuallyPay monthly

Build your brand with recognizable links that increase clicks and boost trust.

$29/month(annual one-time charge of $348)

Up to 1,500 branded links / month

Everything in Free, plus:

  • Create and share branded links
  • Basic email support
  • Redirect any link
  • Bulk link shortening NEW
  • QR Codes NEW

Significantly improve results of online and offline initiatives.

$199/month(annual one-time charge of $2,388)

Up to 3,000 branded links / month

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Advanced analytics
  • Campaigns
  • UTM Builder
  • Mobile deep links
  • Integrate with 1K+ apps

Drive brand loyalty, scale multichannel initiatives and collaborate across teams with a solution tailored to your needs.

Custom Pricing 
Custom Pricing 

Up to 10,000+ branded links / month

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • At scale link generation
  • Advanced user and group permissions
  • 99.9% SLA uptime
  • Comprehensive data and analytics
  • Personalized onboarding and expert account manager support

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Detailed Feature Comparison
Save up to 33% when you pay annually
Pay annuallyPay monthly
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Branded Links and Customization
Branded Links Links are created with a custom domain. Instead of, yourbra.nd/123451,500/mo3,000/mo10,000/mo+
Branded Link Redirects Change the destination page for branded links105010,000/mo+ Link Redirects Change the destination page for links51050
Auto-Branded Links Links created by others on Bitly’s website are branded with your custom domain10+
Custom Back-half Insert your own words at the end of a link. Eg: change to,500/mo3,000/mo10,000/mo+
Custom SSL Cert Use your own SSL certificate to create secure HTTPS linksAvailable for Purchase
Custom Domain Essentials
Free Custom Domain* Only Bitly gives you a dedicated custom domain as part of a complete link management solution for your brand
Domain Finder Select, for free, the perfect custom domain to build your brand
Domain 1-Step Setup Begin creating branded links on a dedicated domain almost immediately, without ever leaving the Bitly platform
Domain Guard Built-in safeguards protect your privacy so you can focus on growing your brand
Domain Root Router Redirect visitors to a web page you designate when they enter your custom domain with nothing after the slash “/”
Domain 404 Error Fixer Prevent 404 dead-ends by pointing visitors to a designated web page if your branded short link contains an error or typo after the slash “/”
Link Management
Link Creation Any link shortened by you through your Bitly account1,000/mo1,500/mo3,000/mo10,000/mo+
Link Clicks Number of clicks allowed on the links you createUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Link Tags Create tags to group and categorize your links
Bulk Link Tagging Add Tags to links in bulk
Link Filtering Focus on the links you want to see based on date, tags, and type
Mobile Deep Links Point links to your mobile app and track their performance
CSV Bulk Shortening Create multiple links with a single upload100 links/csv3,000 links/csv10,000+ links/csv
CSV Bulk Export Download a file with your short links
QR Codes Download a QR Code for any link with or without a Bitly logo in centerBitly BrandedStandardStandard
Color QR Codes Change the color of your QR Code
QR Codes Download Format Download the QR Code in PNG or SVG formatPNGPNGPNG or SVG
Campaign Management
Campaigns Group and manage links in bulk
UTM Builder Add UTM parameters to your links through Bitly
Bulk Import to Campaigns Add multiple links to a campaign via CSV
Export of Campaign Data Export your campaign data to a CSV file
Social Posting Connect your account to Twitter to post a link right from Bitly
Parameter Passing Keep your link parameters intact when you shorten links containing URL codesAvailable for Purchase
Data and Analytics
Link History View the performance of your links over time30 Days30 Days1 Year2 Years
Link Reporting View detailed performance metrics for each link over 30 or 90 days30 Days30 Days60 Days90 Days
Dashboard Reporting View a dashboard with aggregated metrics for all your links60 Days90 days
Data Export Export data out of Bitly
City-Level Data Access city-level tracking for every link you create
Device-Type Tracking Get a breakdown of clicks by device types for each of your links
Mobile Deep Link Reporting Reporting on mobile deep links i.e. app installs and performance of mobile deep links
Data Delivery
API Rate Limit Share data between Bitly and your other apps through our open APIStandardStandardStandardHigher Limits Available
Webhooks Capture and send notification in real-time on any click, enabling near-limitless workflows options
Integrations Connect Bitly to your marketing tools to create links directly from other platforms
SLA Uptime A service level agreement that guarantees top service and performance quality99.9%
Platform Access
Web Browser Extensions Shorten links right from Chrome or Firefox with our browser extensions
Mobile App Shorten links and view metrics in our mobile apps for Android and iOS
API v4 4th-generation API reduces complexity and streamlines integration with 3rd-party apps and solutions
Device-Specific Web Access Securely access the Bitly platform, optimized by device, using any web browser
Branded Link Hub Shorten links on your company intranet so all employees can create branded linksAvailable for Purchase
Admin Features
Group Permissions Place campaigns, users, or departments into distinct groups
User Management Control which groups and links your users have access to
SSO Self-Service Setup Access Bitly through your SSO provider in four simple steps done within minutes
2-Factor Authentication (2FA) Add a layer of protection by sending a security code to your mobile device upon login
Customer Success
Help Center Find answers in our help articles
Support Connect with our dedicated support team for assistanceBasicBasicPriority
Account Management** Unlock the most value from Bitly with expert account manager supportAssigned
Onboarding & Setup** Get your team up and running with help from our Bitly expertsPersonalized

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*  First custom domain registration included with subscription

** Available only for annual plans

Your purchase may be subject to sales tax and will automatically renew every month or year, depending on the payment plan you’ve chosen. All amounts shown are in USD.

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