37 Ways Brands Use Bitly

Whether you’re a paid user, a free user, or just interested in learning more, Bitly offers a little something for everyone. You could be tracking leads coming from gated content, book sales, the best time to tweet, or which channels are best for product promotions. Maybe you’re an artist. You could be an entrepreneur or a Fortune 500.

Whatever the case, if you use links, Bitly can help you make the most of them. We were thinking hard about how to showcase how users can take advantage of Bitly and then it hit us – why not just track down examples in the wild?  So we did. We also interviewed more than a dozen marketers about how they personally use Bitly for their business.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How Bitly can be used for social media, mobile, branding, metrics, and content marketing  
  • 30+ different ways brands are using Bitly today 
  • How marketers are integrating Bitly with the rest of their work flow and analytics programs 
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