Think of the brands that are closest to your heart.

How did they land there? What made these brands stand out above the million others that are constantly vying for your attention?

Chances are, service plays a big role. In fact, research shows that 72% of consumers cite customer service as the one thing they value most from a brand.

But as the number of digital channels continue to grow, customer service becomes easier for consumers and harder for brands. You have to consider which channels your customers turn to the most. You have to keep your tone consistent across all of these support channels. And you have to keep response time in mind.

As we enter 2018, building an awesome customer service strategy is something that remains top of mind.

In this webinar with Mention, we cover:

  • Finding the balance between automation and that human touch
  • How to monitor, measure, and optimize your customer service effort
  • How to create a feedback loop between customer service, marketing, and product
  • What the experts say we should all be focusing on in 2018