Did you know that 72% of people who complain on Twitter expect a response within an hour? They’re far from alone. Social media users in general expect responses within the same day, if not sooner. And, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, businesses have to think hard about that when it comes to social media strategy for the holidays.

Social media is often part of both the research and purchasing process. Customers are shopping online and trying to make decisions based on Facebook reviews or Instagram photos. They’re tweeting or posting comments asking brands questions. Or they’re sharing their in-store experiences in real-time.

All of this means that now’s the time to start building social media marketing campaigns specifically for the holidays. Want to learn more? Join our webinar with Mention to learn:

  • How Consumers Use Social & Web to Research and Buy
  • Examples of Great Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • How to Prep Social Channels for Holidays
  • How to Identify Customer Service & Sentiment on Social & Web