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QR Codes are everywhere

Connect your real-world audience to your online content.

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Create a page for all your links

Make it easy for your customers and followers to engage with your select links. Design a stunning, compact page, share it, and watch the clicks roll in.

Bitly made link management effortless. Now we’re transforming QR Code creation.

Easy to make. Easy to use.

Easy to make. Easy to use.

  • Create a QR Code for any digital link in seconds
  • Customize your code with your logo, brand colors, unique patterns and frames
  • Use your QR Code anywhere — on fliers, billboards, digital posters, social media profiles and more

Understand your code’s impact

Understand your code’s impact

  • Track scan data so you know exactly what’s working
  • Access to-the-minute engagement metrics so you don’t have to rely on other analytics tools
  • Compare QR Code performance and make smart, data-driven campaign decisions

Streamline your toolkit

Streamline your toolkit

  • Create QR Codes and manage your links in one place with the Bitly Connections Platform
  • Get the full performance picture for everything you do
  • Save time and money with a single, proven solution

Save up to 34% when you pay annually

Pay annuallyPay monthly
$8/month (annual charge of $96)
Annual plan only

5 QR Codes/month
100 links/month
1 Page

Everything in Free, plus:

  • 30 days of click & scan data
  • UTM Builder
  • Advanced QR Code customizations
  • Link & QR Code redirects
$29/month (annual charge of $348)

10 QR Codes/month
500 links/month
2 Pages

Everything in Core, plus:

  • Complimentary custom domain
  • Branded links
  • 4 months of click & scan data
  • Bulk link shortening
$199/month (annual charge of $2,388)

200 QR Codes/month
3,000 links/month
5 Pages

Everything in Growth, plus:

  • 1 year of click & scan data
  • Custom campaign-level tracking
  • City-level & device type click & scan data
  • Mobile deep linking
Custom pricing
Custom pricing

Custom number of
QR Codes, links
& Pages

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Multiple user seats and group permissions
  • At scale link generation
  • 99.9% SLA uptime
  • Account manager support

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Create meaningful, measurable experiences with the Bitly Connections Platform

Link Management

Connect and ignite action with every link.

  • Turn your links into powerful brand assets with simple customization.
  • Aggregate, manage and track all of your links from a single, centralized location.
  • Capture data with every click so you can make smarter decisions.

Get your links working 10x harder.

  • Drive more views, sales, subscribers and leads with custom mini landing pages.
  • Build personalized connection experiences without any coding.
  • Aggregate, manage and track all your links from one centralized location.