Bitly + Zapier: Streamlining Customer Workflows

The Bitly API helps our customers get even more use out of our product by enabling developers to integrate Bitly with many of our users’ favorite tools. In other words, they’re able to streamline more workflows and spin fewer wheels to get their jobs done!

Bitly and Zapier: 750+ Integrations

When we announced the Bitly + Zapier integration in July 2017, it was a HUGE win for our customers. Through Zapier alone, our customers can connect their Bitly accounts to more than 750 apps, including data platforms and publishing tools, social media channels, and CRM software.

Flash forward about a year: Bitly was named one of Zapier’s top 10 fastest growing apps of the year! Here are just some of the apps Bitly connects to through Zapier that help our customers be more efficient and successful at what they do:


Want to track how well a new campaign is doing? By connecting Bitly with Zapier, you can have your updates sent to your team on Slack every time a new domain refers one of your Bitly links.


Make your link shortening and sharing a simple, seamless process. Bitly + Zapier lets you automatically post your Bitly links to your Facebook Page.


Just like the Facebook-Bitly integration, Zapier allows you to create Bitly links and share them on Twitter with a single click.


Using Buffer to schedule and manage their social media posts? Bitly + Zapier lets you automatically add every Bitly links you create to your Buffer queue.


Curious about how well your emails are performing? With Zapier, each time you send out a new email through Mailchimp, it creates a unique Bitly links that links to that email.

Tiffany Fowell @Bitly