Bitly is dedicated to building a diverse, supportive, and inclusive culture where every teammate is valued and every step towards creating an equitable workplace counts.

Our commitment to uniting us all

We’re in the business of creating more meaningful connections. Learning is in our DNA and we’re committed to making Bitly an even better place to work by constantly improving in these areas.

  • Education
    Awareness and education

    Creating a safer space to share learnings and openly ask questions.

  • inclusion
    Inclusion and belonging

    Ensuring every employee feels valued and can be themselves.

  • diversity
    Diverse representation

    Embracing our unique differences so that Bitly reflects the world we operate in.

  • equity
    Focus on equity

    Reviewing our policies and procedures to address systemic issues and ensure fairness.

  • friendship
    Community and partnerships

    Enhancing our DEI mission and making an impact through external relationships.

Our commitment to unite us all - pictures of people working together

Building community and belonging from within

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led, bringing together members and allies from around the world. These groups strive to foster a positive and inclusive workplace where everyone has a sense of belonging and the opportunity to grow.

Our Spotlight on
Inclusion Program

We created this program to support charitable organizations that work in the areas of equity and inclusion, advocating for justice, or serving systematically oppressed populations. Spotlight on Inclusion provides non-profits with a free Bitly plan to empower these organizations to achieve their goals.

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working at Bitly

We love how each new hire brings a new perspective, different ideas, and the opportunity to grow a more diverse workplace.