Keep patients and staff more informed with QR Codes

  • Include customized QR Codes on waiting room brochures, signage, and bills, and easily swap out the code’s destination URL whenever necessary.
  • Add QR Codes to medication boxes, prescription bottles, and post-op paperwork to give patients instant access to the information they need.
  • Keep track of rotating medical equipment with QR Codes that point staff to the device’s location, usage, last service date, and more.
Redirect link to make a medical appointment

Simplify scheduling and patient engagement with short links

  • Let patients schedule appointments, order refills, or complete surveys by sending personalized SMS messages with custom short links.
  • Connect patients to the right services or information in your portal or app with deep short links that point them directly to relevant pages.
  • Streamline internal communication across departments by creating memorable short links for key documents, procedures, and guidelines.
Scheduling dashboard

Learn your patients’ digital care preferences with robust analytics

  • Track the effectiveness of email and SMS campaigns using short links to gauge patient engagement at every touchpoint.
  • Analyze clicks, scans, and digital behavior across your hospital or practice with Bitly Analytics to better understand patient preferences and trends.
  • Rest assured that all engagement data is kept safe within Bitly’s data warehouse and will only be available to your team.
Analytics Dashboard

Improve the healthcare experience with the Bitly Connections Platform

  • Manage all your short links and QR Codes in a single unified dashboard that’s packed with data.
  • Consolidate the point solutions you currently use at your hospital or practice and opt for our all-in-one platform instead.
  • Tap into the power of the tools you already know and love with Bitly’s 800+ integrations.
Bitly connections platform UI

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The Bitly Connections Platform

Use our URL shortener, QR Codes, and landing pages to engage your audience and connect them to the right information. Build, edit, and track it all in the Bitly Connections Platform.

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A comprehensive solution to help make every point of connection between your content and your audience more powerful.

Popular URL Shortening Features

  • URL shortening at scale
  • Custom links with your brand
  • URL redirects
  • Advanced analytics & tracking

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QR Code solutions for every customer, business and brand experience.

Popular QR Code Features

  • Fully customizable QR Codes
  • Dynamic QR Codes
  • QR Code types & destination options
  • Advanced analytics & tracking

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Various samples of Bitly Landing Pages
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Bitly Pages helps you create engaging, mobile-optimized landing pages in minutes.

Popular Landing Page Features

  • Custom URLs for social media
  • Customizable landing page
  • Easy-to-manage links
  • Link and landing page tracking

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