Key Features

Branded Links
Attract more clicks on your links by showing your customers they’re being sent from a trusted source. Learn more about branded links

Mobile Links
Route your audience to specific sections within your app or site with SMS and mobile deep links. Learn more about mobile links

Campaign Management & Analytics
Measure customer engagement as you distribute personalized content at scale.
Learn more about campaign management & analytics

The most recognized brands in the world love Bitly

Best-in class experience, reliability, and security

Bitly is the world’s leading link management platform for customer service teams.


Get the most out of Bitly with the help of our robust knowledge base so you can maximize your customer relationships.

Robust security

Bitly follows industry best practices in security solutions, including HTTPS on all links and multi-factor authentication.

Reliable API and integration

Improve customer engagement with real-time personalized communication at scale.