Power your marketing and business strategy with QR Codes

Increase conversions

Use QR Codes to connect offline campaigns to interactive digital experiences that give customers more ways to purchase, subscribe, install apps, and more.

Maintain brand consistency

Design QR Codes that match your brand using custom colors, fonts and logos, as well as incentive scans with customized frames and calls-to-action.

Track & optimize campaigns

Get scan metrics and insights to help you understand your audience and make informed decisions about which channels perform best.


QR Code solutions to fit any need

Create, customize, manage and track QR Codes and links without leaving the Bitly Connections Platform.

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Popular Features:

  • Generate a QR Code for any Bitly link that scans directly to a web page
  • Customize the color of the QR Code to match your brand elements
  • Extend the life of printed materials by redirecting links to updated content
  • Track QR Code performance across channels, like email and social, to understand the customer journey

Create, customize and track dynamic QR Codes that scan to multimedia formats, including audio, video, PDF, and more.

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Popular Features:

  • Customize the color, shape, frame, and fonts of your QR Codes, and insert logos
  • Analyze QR Code campaigns, including scans, operating systems, geos, and exports
  • Extend the life of printed materials by redirecting links to updated content
  • Assign team members individual logins; create labels and folders to keep campaign info neat and tidy

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