Reimagine how you reach, share and engage with your audience

Use your Bitly QR Codes to demand attention and inspire action

Quickly generate QR Codes that stand out, feel on brand and connect with your audience.

  • Create a custom QR Code for every occasion — from an invite-only event all the way to an app launch — so you can share key content in the most convenient way.
  • Customize your code with your logo, brand colors, unique patterns, frames and more so it catches every eye.
  • Use your QR Code anywhere — on fliers, billboards, digital posters and more — so engaging with you feels like the most natural thing to do.

Learn how your audience interacts with every QR Code

Get the information you need so you can understand which codes work and which need to change.

  • Analyze detailed scan data so you can learn from your audience’s actions and make smarter decisions.
  • Access to-the-minute engagement metrics inside your Bitly dashboard so you don’t need other complicated tracking and analytics tools.
  • Compare QR Code performance so you can grow your knowledge and engage with your audience in the ways they like.

Build unforgettable brand connections in a single unified platform

Replace your horde of point solutions and give your team complete control over every connection experience.

  • Manage QR Codes and links in one dashboard, so you can make changes and create new assets without switching platforms.
  • Streamline campaign analysis so you see the full performance story and make quick, informed decisions.
  • Use our library of 800+ integrations to add customized QR Codes to the software and apps you’re using today.

Create meaningful, measurable experiences with the Bitly Connections Platform

Link Management

Connect and ignite action with every link.

  • Turn your links into powerful brand assets with simple customization.
  • Aggregate, manage and track all of your links from a single, centralized location.
  • Capture data with every click so you can make smarter decisions.

Get your links working 10x harder.

  • Drive more views, sales, subscribers and leads with custom mini landing pages.
  • Build personalized connection experiences without any coding.
  • Aggregate, manage and track all your links from one centralized location.

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