Real-time link data delivered to you via webhooks

We’re excited to announce our beta release of webhooks, a new way to enhance your integrations with Bitly!

Now, not only do you have the ability to shorten links at scale using our API, you can also easily receive notifications when someone clicks your links. 

What are webhooks?

Webhooks, a way for one app to share information about events with another app, are a lightweight solution to your real-time data needs—and they are easy to set up.

Simply create your webhook by specifying your endpoint URL and we’ll send your app data about your links as events occur, including date and time of click, bitlinkID, long URL and the country where the link was clicked.

We’ve released our webhooks feature in beta to ensure we’re delivering exactly what you need to get the most value out of Bitly. We’ll continue to iterate on this feature by adding new events, like link creation and responding to your feedback.

What can you do with webhooks?

You can use Bitly’s webhooks to:

✅ Get notified when your links are clicked
✅ Sync your link data across multiple web applications in near real-time
✅ Connect two or more applications where a click or series of clicks on a Bitly link triggers an event in your application

For example, say your brand sends links out to its customers to confirm the delivery status on its shipments. With webhooks, you can enhance this experience by setting up notifications when events occur. 

Then, you can use these notifications to trigger events in a CRM (customer relationship management) or ticket system, such as opening a ticket in Zendesk. This enables your brand to better leverage its internal tools and, ultimately, optimize customer engagement.

How to get started with Bitly & webhooks

Interested in using our new webhooks feature? Log in to your Organization Settings in Bitly today and begin exploring how webhooks can enhance your use case. (Note that this feature is only available to account admins who are using our enterprise or developer level packages.)

Lastly, if you haven’t upgraded to our latest version of API v4, remember to do so before March 1, 2020 when later versions will be turned off.

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Kelsey Stevenson @Bitly
Director of Product, Integrations