[SERIES] Bitly Basics Video Series

This article was published on March 7, 2017 and updated on December 20, 2018. 

Whether you’re just starting out with Bitly Enterprise or looking to make the most of your Bitly links, there’s always something new to learn.

There are four core features about Bitly Enterprise that help our customers maximize the potential of their links: Dashboard, Bitly links, Campaigns, and Brand Manager. Each video below is a tutorial on how to use the features to best fit your organization’s needs.

1. Bitly links

In “Bitly Basics: Bitly links & Custom Bitly links,” you’ll learn how to:

– Create & customize your Bitly links to maximize engagement
– Tag your Bitly links to keep track of different campaigns
– Redirect links & see redirect history

Learn how to create and customize your Bitly links

2. The Dashboard

In “Bitly Basics: The Dashboard”, you’ll learn how you can use the dashboard to:

– Measure clicks and top content
– See the top organic shares
– Track referral sources and locations

Take a look at the 10 metrics available in the Bitly dashboard

3. Brand Manager

In “Bitly Basics: Brand Manager”, you’ll see how Bitly Brand Manager can help:

– Create different data dashboards for every team
– Build new Groups within Brand Manager
– How different industries can create Groups that work for them

Get a lesson on Bitly Brand Manager

4. Campaigns

In “Bitly Basics: OneView”, you’ll learn:

– How to create a multichannel campaign with one destination URL
– How to build different channels
– What a OneView campaign looks like in action

Find out how to measure + track multichannel campaigns with Bitly OneView

Building YourLink Management Platform

As a link management platform, Bitly can help you see clear across the Internet by helping you see the activity across all of your links. You can organize and measure your Bitly links any way you want – by tags, Groups, brands, teams, campaigns, sales, and more. This gives you a central place to measure your marketing channels across the whole organization, from start to finish.

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Blaise Lucey @BlaiseLucey00
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