Work Smarter with City-level Data in Bitly

At Bitly, we’ve always believed in the power of the link.

In today’s complex consumer landscape, understanding how customers engage with your brand across its different touchpoints can help your marketing team glean the insights it needs to optimize its strategy and meet its goals.

In addition to more than 20 other data points, you can now access city-level data on your Bitly links.

What is city-level data?

City-level data gives you a visual snapshot of your link engagement at the city level, on both your individual and overall links.

Let’s say you create a link and share it across your brand’s channels. In Bitly, you’ll be able to see the top city locations of the people clicking that link—whether that’s New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, London or—surprise!—Topeka, Kansas.

Here’s how city-level data looks in Bitly:

If your link gets five or more clicks from a single city, you’ll be able to access this location data in Bitly.

How to leverage city-level data

City-level data gives you actionable, geo-specific insights into where your brand’s communications are making an impact. With city-level data, you can:

✅ Double-down on targeted media spend in high-performing cities
✅ Make more informed decisions around investments in local events
✅ Understand what communications and content are resonating in which cities so you can more precisely target your messaging and offerings

Finally, you can dive even deeper into your city-level link data by exporting detailed city-level results for up to 500 cities across the globe in a CSV file.

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