Spotlight on Inclusion

Bitly is offering qualifying non-profits who are doing important work in the arena of equity and inclusion, fighting for justice, or just generally serving systematically oppressed populations, eligibility to sign-up for our special Spotlight on Inclusion plan.

Step 1
Sign up for a free Bitly account using your organization’s email address.

Step 2
Fill out the form for your organization to request a free upgrade to the Spotlight on Inclusion Plan. Use the same email you used to set up the free account. Personal email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook are not eligible. It can take up to 5 business days for your account to be reviewed and upgraded or denied.

What are the benefits of the Spotlight on Inclusion Plan?

The Spotlight on Inclusion Plan lets you understand what content your audience connects with so you can make decisions that are the best fit for your non-profit goals and objectives.

Up to 3,000 branded links / month

Shorten, create and share branded links with a custom domain.

Unlimited clicks

Get unlimited clicks on the links you create.

Powerful link history and reporting

View detailed performance metrics for each link over 30 days.

Boost audience engagement

Engage with your audience on social media and other marketing channels.

Bitly-branded QR Codes

Create and download a QR Code for any link with a Bitly logo in the center.

Bulk link shortening

Create multiple short links easily with a single upload.


Who is eligible?

Non-profit organizations in the US with a mission around working towards equity and inclusion, fighting for justice, or just generally serving systematically oppressed populations (the decision for whether or not the company’s mission matches these values is solely up to Bitly).

You must provide your organization’s name, location, EIN, and a link to your organization’s website that details the mission so that we can verify your organization meets these requirements.

How long will it take to get approved?

We will be working as quickly as we can to set you up with more links. It could take up to 5 business days.

How will I know if my application was approved or denied?

We will send the account’s email address a message letting you know if you were approved and upgraded or if you were denied. The decision for whether or not the company’s mission matches the Spotlight on Inclusion Plan’s values is at the discretion of Bitly.

How long is this offer valid for?

We are limiting this offer to 250 accounts on a first come, first serve basis.

Accounts will be re-evaluated annually to verify the account still meets the qualifications and downgraded to free if the organization no longer qualifies.

Can my organization have multiple accounts in the Spotlight on Inclusion Plan?

No, but distinct chapters of the same organization may each have an account. For example, San Francisco NAACP and New York State NAACP may each have their own account on the Spotlight for Inclusion plan.

What if my organization may be eligible but we are already a Bitly customer?

Your current paid plan may have different features and link volumes than the capabilities within the Spotlight on Inclusion plan, but feel free to fill out the form and we can discuss your renewal options.