What are Bitly 2D Barcodes?

Bitly’s GS1 Compliant 2D Barcodes are a type of QR Code designed for product packaging and labels. They contain a product’s Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) so that the product can be scanned at checkout with a barcode reader. They can also link to a website URL, so consumers can scan it with their smartphones to learn about the products they’re buying.

2D Barcodes store far more data than traditional “1D” barcodes, giving businesses and consumers instant access to a greater range of information with each scan. By placing 2D Barcodes directly on product packaging and labels, businesses can enhance inventory management, form deeper brand connections, and unlock valuable consumer insights. The retail industry is expected to make the transition to fully accept 2D Barcodes at point-of-sale by 2027.

2d Barcode example

Establish a lasting connection with consumers

  • Help consumers make informed purchases by linking to information about sourcing, ingredients, and materials.
  • Foster brand loyalty by sharing how-to videos, promoting special offers, and even showcasing your sustainability efforts.
  • Streamline the customer experience through mobile scans that link to reviews or other similar items for purchase.
QR Code on product packaging linking to a video

Tap into opportunities beyond the point of sale

  • Track products through their entire lifecycle, from shelf to recycling.
  • Collect localized data to accurately target geographic market opportunities.
  • Track consumer behavior and trends in real-time so that you can quickly respond and stay ahead of the competition.
Dashboard examples from Bitly's Connections Platform

What is GS1?

  • GS1 is a global not-for-profit organization that develops and maintains the most widely used system of standards in the world for barcodes. Working in collaboration with over two million companies, GS1 helps businesses adopt and use GS1-standard barcodes.
GS1 logo alongside a barcode and QR Code

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