About Bitly

Empower people to make better decisions by providing insight into the connected world.

Since 2008, Bitly has been committed to the power of the link. Privately held, based in NYC, Bitly shortens more than 1 billion links per month as an integral part of social, SMS, email efforts (and more) from publishers, brands, government organizations, educational institutions, non-profits and individual users. Processing more than 6 billion clicks on those links per month, Bitly remains the leader in an optimal sharing experience, and continues to unveil new products while generating one of the most valuable proprietary datasets in the world today.

The Team

  • Chauncey McPufferson Mascot

    Chauncey McPufferson was born at bitly HQ in 2008. There are many different sides to this complex, little pufferfish. Just like your links, no two puffers are the same. Click here to meet Chauncey's extended family!

  • Derek Baynton Business Development and Sales

    Born and raised in the Mitten State alongside the pristine waters of Lake Michigan. A sports fan of all things Chicago and his beloved Spartans.

    While not reading about new and emerging startups, he spends his free time enjoying the outdoors, traveling, and sleeping in hammocks. Lover of life and dogs.

  • Michael Beach Product Management for Enterprise

    Mike has been working on various Web and mobile products for just about 11 years - mostly in publishing and e-commerce. Before the Internet, he didn't know what a cat was and almost became a high school teacher. He is glad that the Internet fixed both of these things.

  • Megan Beaty Sales Development Research

    Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Meg is a lover of movie quotes, photography, and pizza w/ ranch. She collects vintage sport crewnecks and is disappointed her career as a trapeze artist never took off. It's probably for the better though.. she wasn't very good.

  • Adelle Charles Visual Designer

    Loves pretty pixels, coffee and more coffee. Prior to bitly she was co-founder and designer at Carbon Ads.

  • Jehiah Czebotar VP of Engineering

    When not painstakingly shortening urls by hand, Jehiah can be found riding trains, learning Amharic, or building iPhone apps to help others do both of those things more efficiently.

    A lover of data, he has been known to compile amazing personal annual reports documenting the details of his day to day life that most people take for granted, which you can see here: http://jehiah.cz/one-two/

    It's a little known fact that Jehiah's sleep, not his code, powers bitly.

  • Morgan Donovan Sales Executive

    Morgan grew up in Syracuse, NY where she developed her love for Syracuse Orange basketball. In the summer, she enjoys escaping the city for the beaches. Traveling, sports, staying active and chocolate chip cookies are a few of her very favorite things.

  • Brian Eoff Lead Data Scientist

  • Shane Finnegan Business Development

    Hailing from Long Island, Shane has a passion for baked goods, fine cheeses, and any movie starring Michael J. Fox.

  • Katie Hammond Office Manager

    A Michigan girl, Katie loves keeping things organized and moving in the right direction. She writes, runs, performs and teaches Improv Comedy. She spends most of her down time with the unofficial Bitly mascot, her tiny dog, Vern.

  • Joshua Hanson Frontend Engineer

    I deploy things

  • Jennifer Hanser Strategy & Partnerships

    Has had a thing for Tetraodontidae since August 17, 1989.

  • Whitney Hillyer Senior Account Manger

    Political and Social Media Junkie. Loves college football, online shopping, exotic red wines and playing with her dog Winston.

  • Justin Hines Software Engineer

    Deal With It

  • Mark Josephson CEO

    Mark comes to Bitly from Aol's Patch, where he ran revenue and marketing. Prior to Patch, Mark was CEO of Outside.in, which was acquired by Aol in 2011. Outside.in was a leading hyperlocal platform that organized the web around neighborhoods for consumers, publishers and advertisers across the country.

    Despite the fact that he has worked at a number of amazing companies during his career, Mark has described being Bitly's CEO as having his “dream job”, and he shows up for work each day more excited than the day before.

    (And despite being a Red Sox fan, he is actually a nice guy.)

  • Tae Kim Director, Outside Sales

    PNW transplant in NYC. Interweb/tech junkie. Early bird. Adventure seeker. Avid concert goer. Die-hard Seattle Seahawks and UW Husky fan.

    Sleeping is for planes.

  • Nate Kirby iOS Developer

    Nate is a former high school music teacher turned iOS developer, somehow. In his spare time he enjoys Apple products, Coffee, and gadgets he'll ultimately never have good use for. He's not always in black and white.

  • Keegan Kloer Business Development

    Keegan is from Albuquerque. He handles some of the lead gen, most of the airdrumming, and all of the oatmeal.

  • Kim Krolewski User Experience Designer

    Kim makes products easier for people to use. When she's not busy designing awesome interfaces, she's either hunting for the perfect Latte, whipping up some delicious paleo treats or chasing /dragging her yorkie around Central Park. Oh and she was a former member of the US National Skeleton team.

  • Josh Landman Business Development

    Josh was born and raised in NYC. He has a taste for fine sparkling water and sourdough pretzels.

  • Rich Lopes Sr. Director of Corporate Sales

    Rich lives in Westchester, NY. He attended Pace University where he graduated with a BBA in business management. He began his career in media sales in 2000 and has been leading sales teams for 7 years, and most recently was head of inside sales at AOL's Patch. Rich is highly passionate about technology and how the Internet plays a vital part in everyday life. He enjoys many types of sports and outdoor activities, including fishing but can't remember the last time. A car enthusiast who enjoys travel, especially beach locales with tropical drinks and having great times with family and friends.

  • Pierce Lopez Software Engineer

    Pierce considers himself an old-school long-bearded unix hacker, which is odd because he only attained legal drinking age a few years ago and doesn't let his facial hair get very long. He's lived most of his life 15 - 45 minutes from the beach, in Delaware and southern California.

  • Dan Lotterman Jeff Tierney's Personal Mentor

    I like computers alott. I am from Minnesota, and talk about it ad nauseum.

  • Daniel Malamud Sales Executive

    Speak softly and carry a big stick.

  • Collin McCarthy Senior Customer Success Manager

    California boy at heart who can't seem to stay away from NYC. Passionate about helping grow tech startups. Loves traveling, spinning, and anything that brings him back to Ca.

  • Mario Menti

    Mario founded Twitterfeed, which has since been acquired by Bitly. In addition to Twitterfeed, he is now also involved with the Bitly Enterprise product. Mario works mostly from his London home office (AKA Bitly European headquarters).

  • Andrew Mesesan Business Development

    Born and Raised in Southern California. Proud UCLA alum. Lover of Contemporary Art, surfing and traveling.

  • Sean O'Connor Lead Application Engineer

    Sean is a developer who loves to build tools that make people's lives easier. In addition to his work at bitly, Sean helps run a few meetups and tries to keep his ridiculous dog out out trouble.

  • Teisia Park Digital Marketing Manager

    foodie, vintage enthusiast, fantasy football guru, and anti-luddite.

  • Rob Platzer CTO

    Hailing from the north shore of Long Island, Capt. Rob Platzer's (aka The Captain) nautical affinity was affirmed by the US Coast Guard in the form of an USCG OUPV License. When not plying the seas looking for adventure in new and strange ports, Rob can be found working with highly talented Engineers and Data Scientists to build the internet and a better understanding of our connected world.

    Currently residing in the lesser known portion of Brooklyn called Columbia Street Waterfront, Rob is always looking for more ways to enjoy the outdoors including motorcycle rides, hiking, and spending time camping and swimming with his Newfoundland dog, Azimuth, who is sometimes mistaken as a black bear (Instagram #isthatabearinbrooklyn).

  • Jordan Ramos Sales

    Born and raised in Long Beach, CA. Previously lived and worked in San Francisco and help launch three new markets for MOGL.

    Things that make me smile: Tech and start ups, surfing, minimalism, cooking, yoga, running, traveling (17 countries), travel hacking, Audiobooks, making and building things, good restaurants and bars, live music, friends and making new friends.

    Favorite destination: Indonesia

    Favorite quote: “Value experiences over things” (Tony Hsieh)

    Thankful for: EVERYTHING!

  • Luke Rappoport Business Development & Sales

    From Philly, Wash U grad, recovering politics nerd, live music enthusiast.

  • Michael Richman System Architect & Bitly Enterprise Product Lead

    Michael designs systems, makes products and writes code. He lives in Denver, CO.

  • Max Samis Sales & Business Development

    Technophile / Carnivore / New Yorker / Photographer / Knicks Fan!
    "I'm not a businessman. I'm a business, man."

  • Brian Saplicki Finance

    Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

  • Whitman Schorn Software Engineer

    Whit enjoys writing for both computers and humans. He is from Lockhart, Texas.

  • Elliot Smith Sales Operations

    high & tight

  • Nico Snyder Sales

    Great lakes, great times.

  • James Socol API Hacker / Application Engineer

    Djangonaut. Pythonista. Brooklynite. Erstwhile musician.

  • Jeff Tierney Minister of Innovation

    I like to make things on the web. When I am not making things on the web, I am usually found spending time with my wife and daughters, watching sports, or reading about better ways of making things on the web. Occasionally I tweet about all of these things, as you can see below. I really enjoy Lotterman's company and time.

  • Dan Touchette Product Manager

    Dan grew up in a small New Hampshire town. He has since lived in 5 major cities in 3 time zones and 2 hemispheres. He enjoys making the internet better and the fine art of adventure eating.

  • Joseph Ugowe Business Development

    Originally from New Jersey. I'm passionate about movies, cooking, 90s cartoons, creating stories and Sade. I love exploring the city and finding great eats.

  • Melissa (Hudson) Wallace VP, Marketing

    A yogi known for her obsession with zombies, dinosaurs, Star Wars and the NY Yankees formerly of Buddy Media joins Bitly to make some serious waves as head of marketing.

  • Samantha Yeh Community Support

    Samantha loves writing, sriracha, NPR, Harry Potter, warm weather, puggles and great books.

  • Jenny Yin Front-End Engineer

    I love traveling, playing pingpong, watching movies, trying new restaurants and of course building beautiful websites. Currently I live with my geeky loving husband, my cute baby boy and three fat spoiled cats in Jersey city. My dream life style is writing code on the beach.

  • Leon Yu Front-End Engineer

    When I grow up, I want to be a summoner. I will summon creatures to write code for me.

  • Jenna Zeigen Front-End Engineer

    One morning, Jenna awoke to find she had transformed into a programmer. She's been psyched about code ever since. When not teaching pixels how to party, she enjoys trying to make puns and laughing at everything. Her spirit fruit is a blueberry. She also loves coffee, cat gifs, and Hacker School



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