QR Codes and the Future of Retail Webinar Recap

QR Codes and the Future of Retail Webinar Recap

Fact: the rise of digital marketplaces, ecommerce, influencers and direct to consumer brands has created more opportunities for retailers than ever before.

Another Fact: bridging the offline and online divide to connect more closely with customers? Possible, but not easy.

Final Fact: although the opportunity is massive, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And hearing how others are doing it will help.

The Omnichannel Opportunity
We discussed the opportunity for retailers and CPG brands to capitalize on QR Codes as part of the omnichannel experience and how to bridge the offline to online digital divide.

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QR Codes in Action
What types of QR Codes stand out and how can you make the “after the scan” moment as impactful as possible for your audience and your brand? Check out this clip as we review examples and best practices of what works.

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Imagine the PossiBITLYties
Need some real-life inspiration? Check out this live discussion of a few brands that are featured in our recent Imagine the PossiBITLYties campaign.

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How QR Codes on Packaging and 2D Barcodes Work
Where and how consumers interact with QR Codes on retailers’ and CPG brands’ packaging matters as part of the omnichannel experience. See how we recommend you think about the retail and packaging experience … and where and how QR Codes stand out.

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