9 Creative Ways to Use Bitly QR Codes

When it comes to communication, simple is best.

That’s what makes a Bitly-generated QR Code such an impactful tool. 

Since every QR Code you generate in Bitly is coupled with a unique Bitly link, you can track how people engage with every code and use that data to draw important insights on your campaigns and initiatives.

QR Codes also help you connect people to your brand’s online experience in seconds. And with some creative thinking, you can sprinkle a bit of delight into your customer experience in the process.

A little delight can go a long way to keep your customers loyal to your brand and to bring new customers on board. In fact, 73% of buyers say that customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions.

Ready to start generating Bitly QR Codes? Get inspired by some of our favorite ways businesses and influencers use them.

1 – To build an email subscriber list 

Growing your list of email subscribers is an ongoing task. One way you can use QR Codes is to help attract new signups. All you have to do is add one to your marketing collateral, like a brochure, leaflet or sticker, and point people to your email signup form.

2 – To boost their social media following 

Want to grow your social media following? Use a QR Code to point to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social account. We’ve seen influencers and businesses do this at events, in office lobbies—even on business cards. We even added one to the back of gum packets as a fun giveaway that points back to @Bitly on Twitter.

3 – To share promotions & discounts

Got a special offer you want to advertise? Point your audience to it using a QR Code. We’ve seen businesses use this in PR packages and direct mail marketing for seasonal offers, limited time promotions and special discount codes for their most loyal customers.

4 – On customer gifts

If you’re looking to send your clients a gift, such as a bottle of wine or a box of cupcakes, try adding a QR Code to tie back to your business. You can point them to a landing page that thanks them for being a longtime customer, or share exciting company news.

5 – In giveaways

Have some fun with your customers by giving away something you know they’ll value—like a free product or trial, or exclusive content. This one is more about where you point people to than where you place the QR Code. We’ve seen businesses add QR Codes in their direct mail to customers, enticing them to scan the code to receive a free gift.

Learn how to create a QR Code in seconds using Bitly

6 – In guerilla marketing campaigns

Depending on your brand, you may also be open to less conventional marketing tactics, such as spray chalking a QR Code on the sidewalk or including them in interactive art. This is a great way to make a statement while seamlessly driving people from your in-person experience to anywhere online you want to point them.


Share more information about your products, your brand or virtually any other aspect of your business by placing a QR Code on your products. This is a simple way of sharing more information without having to cram too much onto the product itself. (Your design team will thank you.)


Want to point people to create an account with your business? Use a QR Code! It’s a simple and effective way to drive sign-ups. Anywhere you can place a QR Code, you can send people to get started with your company.


Show. Don’t tell. If your product or service requires users to follow a set of instructions, consider directing them to a step-by-step video. We’ve seen this done for products like furniture and appliances, but it can work just as well for anything that requires assembly.

If you’re on a Company or Enterprise plan, you can create QR Codes on any of your Bitly links. To learn more about the features and tools available in our advanced plans, log in to your Bitly account and click UPGRADE in the top right corner.


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