Links are more important than ever before

In today’s fragmented digital landscape, it’s hard to own the customer experience.

High Expectations

75% consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage.

Siloed Data

79% of business and IT leaders say that they haven’t been able to integrate different data sources across the organization.

Fragmented Landscape

3.2 connected devices are owned by the average digital consumer.

The link puts you back
in the driver’s seat.

When you rely on a mobile app or social media channel to distribute your content, you’re letting these platforms decide how consumers interact with your brand. It becomes increasingly challenging to understand what’s working well and even harder to build consistent experiences.

The link management platform helps you track and drive engagement where you want, when you want.

The link is what makes a
good customer experience great.

Almost every time you switch between landing pages, apps, or devices, there’s a link. The link drives each touchpoint from the very first time a customer discovers your product to when they finally decide to convert.

A link management platform rolls these data points together to help you track and understand what customers are interested in, when they want to hear from you, and where. When you have these insights, you can also use the link to create seamless experiences that take customers to the right place at the right time.


Put your brand front-and-center across every channel and device with branded links.

Intelligent Routing

Create seamless, highly personalized mobile experiences with deep linking.

Data Collection & Real-time Analytics

Collect and analyze cross-channel analytics that you can compare apples to apples.

Security & Scale

Personalize and track thousands of links per minute with flexibility & peace of mind.

Trusted by the smartest brands

Trusted by the smartest brands

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