How to Standardize Your Link Building for Better Data

Businesses too often spend valuable time cleaning up inconsistent link data in order to glean actionable insights.

Why? They don’t have a standard process for building their UTMs. Marketing is following one method, sales is using another, and so on.

If your business is in a similar situation, you’ll know that cleaning up this data can be a costly and frustrating job with no guarantees of success. Frustrating as it can be, however, it’s necessary.

Afterall, without reliable data, your team lacks the rich insights it needs to optimize spend, drive attribution models and create personalized experiences at scale.

Transforming your link building process

So how do you transform your team and organization’s messy and ungoverned link building process into a uniform and meaningful one, in order to gain better insights?

That’s where Bitly comes in. Bitly integrates with a tool called Clarvine, the leader in digital experience data management. Together, our features and tools enable digital marketers to take control of their link building experience.

In our webinar, How to Enhance Link Data for Better Brand Experiences, our Director of Product Marketing, Gary Sulentic, and Claravine’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Comstock, outline the steps leading brands take to enable best-in-class link management.

Watch it on-demand to learn how to:

– Ensure your data is standardized for consistent, complete analytics
– Translate richer analytics to better engagement
– Use branded links to create meaningful digital experiences

[Webinar] Better Link Data for a Better Brand

Transform your link building process to gain richer insights and improve your customer experience.

Tiffany Fowell @Bitly