Toby Gabriner
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    Toby is Bitly’s CEO. He is laser-focused on driving innovation and growth at Bitly. Toby has more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry, and before Bitly held many leadership roles, most recently as CEO at NextRoll.

Scott Keane
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    Scott is Bitly’s COO. He’s obsessed with driving alignment AND operational excellence across the company.

    Before Bitly, Scott held leadership roles at Google and Salesforce.

Scott Hanyen
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    Scott is Bitly’s CFO, and is responsible for strategic planning, financial compliance and investor relations.

    Prior to joining Bitly, Scott held leadership roles at several private equity backed companies including ExactBid, Total Attorneys and NetQuote.

Jeanie Zheng
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    Jeanie is Bitly’s CTO, focusing on building best-in-class products and services for customers and enabling innovation and growth at Bitly.

    Prior to joining Bitly, Jeanie held tech leadership roles at several companies including GoDaddy, Expedia, Microsoft and Yahoo!, most recently as VP of Engineering at GoDaddy.

Kevin Arts
VP, Analytics and Business Ops
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    Kevin leads business operations and analytics for Bitly focusing on strategic planning, revenue acceleration, and operational excellence.

    Before Bitly, Kevin was an analyst at Google and a strategy consultant at Deloitte.

Susan Riskin
VP, Human Resources
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    Susan leads the HR team at Bitly, focused on attracting and developing our talent. She oversees HR, Recruiting, Enablement, and Facilities.

    Prior to Bitly, Susan held HR leadership roles at Gilt and Bain and Company.

    Susan is an avid runner and is a certified running coach.

Sai Sriskandarajah
General Counsel
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    Sai is Bitly’s General Counsel. He manages all legal matters for the company, protecting the safety of the platform and its users.

    Before joining Bitly, Sai ran the legal team at Mapbox and held senior legal roles at Twitter and Intel.