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Swap “” with your brand

People click links they trust. With Bitly, you can create and share branded links—links that look like your brand—instilling trust in your audience and boosting your click-throughs.

Easily redirect any link

Change the destination URL for any short link, including QR Codes. Bitly makes it easy to assign a new URL to any of your links, whether you want to correct a destination error, update a destination or manually expire old links.

Deeper insights with every click

Leverage key real-time data points on every click—like geographic data and information on referring channels—to make smarter, data-driven decisions on where and how to invest your brand’s resources.

Hundreds of integrations

Scale and automate your workflow quickly and efficiently using the proven Bitly API and any of Bitly’s 700+ integrations. Create custom short links to share via SMS or empower influencers with custom referral links—the possibilities are endless.

Create secure & reliable links

Rest assured knowing your links are secure. Every link is encrypted with HTTPS to guard against eavesdropping or third-party tampering—because you have more important things to worry about.

The world’s first and leading link management platform

Brands trust Bitly, the first and leading link management platform, with every aspect of managing their links—from building them at scale to providing important data that drives key business decisions.


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