Customer Service: Listening, Personalizing & Delivering The Ultimate Experience

It’s a great time to be a consumer.

We can reach brands practically whenever and wherever we are.

We can ask for help with just a 140-character tweet. We can share our thoughts on our latest purchase by posting a photo to our Instagram account.

But that also means that it’s harder than ever to be a brand.

Which platforms are customers on? What are customers talking about across these channels? How do you maintain quality and frequency of customer support as you scale?

In “Customer Service: Listening, Personalizing, And Delivering The Ultimate Experience,” we’ll cover:

  • Why customer service is so important
  • Concrete ways to personalize the experience
  • Common customer service mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to use Bitly to track and measure the success of your customer service efforts across all channels
  • Top customer service trends to prepare for in 2018