Bitly Introduces First Automated API Solution For Scaling 2D Barcodes

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Bitly Connections Platform enables CPG companies and Retailers to create 2D Barcodes at scale to improve connected packaging efforts, create supply chain efficiency, and create deeper product experiences for consumers.

NEW YORK – February 13, 2024 Bitly Inc., the world’s leading Connections Platform, introduced the industry’s first automated API solution for two-dimensional barcodes (2D Barcodes). 2D barcodes are a type of QR Code designed to replace the traditional barcode for CPG and Retail product labels and packaging. They help companies capture more product data while giving consumers the power to learn about the products they’re buying and build deeper connections with the brands they purchase from. 2D Barcodes contain a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), a unique identifier for each product, which enables that product to be scanned at checkout. 2D Barcodes can also link to a website URL, so consumers can scan them with their smartphones and learn more about the products they are buying. Now, by using Bitly’s public API, companies can assign GTINs to entire product lines to effortlessly generate countless tailored 2D Barcodes. This new offering empowers businesses to scale from hundreds to thousands of codes, ensuring seamless integration and efficiency across operations.

According to GS1 U.S., a member of the GS1 Global not-for-profit organization that develops and maintains global standards for barcodes, the CPG and Retail industries are undergoing a shift from the use of traditional barcodes to 2D Barcodes on product packaging. With barcodes being used by over two million manufacturers on more than four trillion product items per year, 2D Barcodes are expected to become the de facto solution for CPG companies and Retailers around the world by 2027. Bitly’s new public API is accelerating this transformation through its globally recognized and trusted Connections Platform.

“With the shift to 2D Barcodes gaining momentum, as well as rising consumer expectations around sustainability, accessibility, and the desire for more engaging brand experiences, more CPG companies and Retailers are having to modernize their connected packaging strategy,” said Kelsey Stevenson, Chief Product Officer at Bitly. “By leveraging Bitly’s new public API, we’re making it easy for companies to scale their 2D Barcode creation to improve product tracking and supply chain efficiency.”

With the Bitly Connections Platform, users can manage and track all of their 2D Barcodes and Short Links in one place while getting robust insights into consumer behavior including where and when they are engaging, down to their geographic location, referral source, and time of scan. Bitly’s API for 2D Barcodes is available to paid users as of January 30, 2024.

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